Iguana Cages - 6 Ways To Build A Comfortable Home For Your Pet

Iguanas are wild creatures that prefer to live in wide and large ecosystem. They stay high in the trees.

It is more for safety that they spend their day high up in trees, far away from predators and enemies. Iguanas have the talent to hide away from enemies. This is because they can jump from a great height without getting hurt.

Today, their lives are in danger. They are being eaten and caught by wild animals. Thus it is our duty to preserve them.

You can help iguanas from getting extinct in case you are a pet or animal lover by saving them from their predators. They can be taken as pets and brought up with great care and affection.

But this would need proper planning, here are some preliminary measures that have to be taken.

The first and foremost thing is to build an enclosure or a cage building an enclosure or cage. This can be done only if they feel home in the new cage you build.

Here are few tricks in building a nice home for you Iguanas:

1. Search for an enclosure that is secured and spacious. A big closet or a large room will be nice place where in they can roam. Artificial branches and plants can be hung for it to have the feel of a wild environment. The size should vary with age of the Iguana. A cage with no hole will be fine, else there are chances for them to escape. Once it grows you can keep changing the atmosphere to fit its requirement. This can be done once it gets habituated with the new home.

2. The air circulation is an important factor that has to be considered. A cheap comfy closet will be perfect to satisfy the need. For regulation of air a low-cost, quiet and a small fan can be used. The mildew can be prevented if there is proper regulation in the new cage. The humidity and temperature of the cage can be raised with circulation. The walls can be washed using bleach and water if in case a problem with mildew occurs.

3. A heating pad can be used in the night time to warm up the atmosphere. A bulb consuming less electricity can be used. A 75 watt light would do the job.

4. Give your Iguana time to adapt to the new home. They might hurt themselves or traumatize in a new home. Their reaction would be by scratching and rubbing the walls. It will be better that you spend the first few days with your Iguana. Try to create a bond with the pet till it gets used to the new environment.

5. The electrical connections have to be carefully placed. They are very intrusive creatures, you will find them trying to climb and jump hot light equipments and accessible wiring.

6. Lastly, keep the cage far away from pests. The left over foods should be removed as early as possible.

The process of building a home for Iguana can fun and simple. You will have an accurate for your Iguana by just following the above given steps.