Immune Booster For Pets - A 6 Step Home Remedy Approach

Implementing an immune booster for pets should be a cornerstone in any comprehensive pet care plan. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird or some other furry or feathered animal supporting immune system health is absolutely vital to both longevity and quality of life.

If the immune defenses are kept strong by and large your pet will rarely get sick. Disease such as urinary tract infections and certain types of cancer will be identified and eliminated before they have a chance to cause serious damage. The chances of diabetes and cardiovascular disease will be lessened. Age related conditions will become a health concern reserved for other dogs and cats. One the other hand, once disease is given an opening, and gains a foothold it will continually drain immune systems resources creating a viscous circle of recurring or chronic illness. Once recurring illnesses become a regular part of you and your pet's lives vulnerability to other disease is heightened and a bumpy ride is probably in store.

As discussed above keeping you pet's immune defenses strong is the key to sustained avoidance of illness but at the same time avoiding things that both internal and external factors could be just as important. Let's look at a number of smart choices which ultimately could prove to be the ultimate immune boost for pets.

*A balanced complete diet: Even a deficiency in one vitamin or mineral can reduce the effectiveness of immune system function. Vitamins C, E, and the B complex have been shown to be particularly important.

*Plenty of clean water: Lack of water or dehydration can put great stress on the body's immune defenses. So providing them with easy access to a number of different water sources is important. Make sure the water is clean or preferably filtered and serving bowels are clean as well.

*Exercise: Research confirms that pets that are active tend to have lower incidences of illness due to improved immune system function. I good idea is to set aside 5 minutes every day for play time.

*Add juice to water: One of the biggest drags on the immune system can occur when a pet has a recurring urinary tract infection. Cranberry and blueberry juice contain an ingredient which inhibits bacteria's ability to bind to the lining of the urethra and bladder.

*Reduce stress: Stress weakens immune function and we all know how emotional our dogs and cats can be. This can be particular problematic in the very young, aging, sick, and in certain breeds.

*Pet immune boosting herbs: Herbs such as astragalus root, echinacea, and Indian ginseng all have shown to be helpful pet immune boosters.

In summary, jump starting your pet's immune system and giving them a pet immune boost is a combination of factors which are wide ranging. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are patient opportunists just waiting for a weakness to strike. By implementing an action plan along with an immune booster pet supplement containing astragalus, echinacea, and Indian ginseng you will have taken a giant step in making sure you and your pet have many more, happy, healthy years together.