Natural Remedies for Pets

One major problem pet owners have from time to time is a behavioural one, which seems to happen at any age of the pet. As I see from my research and talking to pet owners, anything from cats spraying the furniture, to dogs being aggressive with other dogs or humans. Be it a bird, rabbit, cat or dog, often pets are put on medications because of these problems, similar to Prozac for humans. The problem can often be not with the animal but with the owner, and there are many books on training the owner.

But you can't solve some problems just with training techniques. If you are at your wits end, and have tried all of those self-help books with no successful conclusion to the problem, there are herbal remedies. If you're pet is anxious, hyperactive or nervous there are different herbs for different applications to a problem or sometimes a combination of several herbs that will help.

Aggressive Behavior:

This type of behavior in cats or dogs is often embarrassing for the pet owner in that, when you are with people or other animals and your pet goes berserk. A dog or cat or bird that chews off its skin is not in a healthy mental state, and is being driven mad by allergies, flea allergies, or nervous disorders. I once visited a friend whose cockatoo had chewed off all its feathers, because it was left alone too much and got depressed. Pets get distraught if left alone too long and rightly so as they are used to being with the pack. One solution is a daily visit from a pet sitter who can pop in to visit your pet while your working. When you come home, try increasing your pet's amount of exercise by taking them for a walk as soon as you come home. It can increase their appetite, and often perks them back to life again as they were miserable without you. If you have a pet sitter who can walk or spend time with the pet during working hours it breaks up the day for your pet. Also it allows for bathroom breaks which prevent mess ups. Another problem is an abused pet that does not know how to behave, which takes patience and time to heal. Pets that have been abused are going to be nervous, and may stress out easily in social situations.

An herb that promotes calmness in humans as well as pets is from the flowers of the camomile plant. As a child my mother gave me camomile tea at night to help me sleep. Bella donna is a homeopathic remedy that helps overly sensitive animals and reduces unwanted behavioral problems. Traumatic situations such as a trip to the vet, thunderstorms a change of owners, or moving are somewhat difficult for pets to get through on their own.

The herb Passiflora Incarnata which have been studied for their properties, by medical analysis that it contains flavonoids which are responsible for its calming effect and anti-anxiety properties. Flavonoids are also powerful anti-oxidants that are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and antiviral. It is an herb from the tropics used for hundreds of years often called a " natural tranquilizer".

Tissue salts like Kalium Phosphate is a biochemical which helps in releasing emotional tension in pets that are normally nervous much of the time and pets that are high strung or have tension.

Coat and Skin Odors and Problems:

These are common problems, and result in skin abscesses, allergic dermatitis, dandruff, warts and hair loss. Did you know that puppies have acne also? These are a result of toxic overload and with the skin and coat often are caused by bacterial and fungal infections. Some pets develop an allergy to fleas and insect bites. If a pet has a kidney or thyroid problem there are herbs to help these conditions, including dry skin and the itching from eczema. There are herbs to help the grown of fur and the underlying follicles for a healthier coat and shine, which is very important for any dog or cat, especially show dogs.

Pet Asthma

Asthma in pets is painful to watch happening with the symptoms of coughing wheezing and distress in just normal breathing. An herb called Skullcap has been used by herbalists for centuries to treat coughing, bronchitis and whooping cough. Homeopathic remedies such as kali.mur soothe the inflammation and fortifies blood and nerve tissues which are stressed out. Phosphorus is also a remedy for pneumonia, deep coughs, asthma, and the associated stress or anxiety of not being able to breathe properly.


Has your dog ever been constipated, not being able to move things out? Another painful thing to watch your dog go through. A natural remedy for this is as used by humans Psyllium Husks, and aloe. As we now know that our pets eat plants when they are sick, like grass it stands to reason they know what is good for them and so we should also know more about natural remedies for our pet's good health.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are usually found in cats, and symptoms are difficulty in urinating, obvious pain, constantly licking, cloudy or bloody urine or fever. Usually antibiotics are prescribed which relieve the symptoms rather quickly. However, antibiotics tend to have a general weakening effect on the immune system. If your cat or dog has a re-occurring UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) it may indicate a weakened immune system, so building that immune system up will certainly help avoid further infections.

Whatever the ailment, check into herbs with your local naturopath pet doctor, and veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and further treatment options available with herbal remedies.