Magnetic Therapy For Pets

Our pets not only share our homes and lives, they also share many of the same medical conditions. Arthritis, kidney disease, heart problems, immune system disorders and joint difficulties all plague our pets, causing pain, a decrease in the quality of their lives and mounting veterinarian bills. Sadly, conventional treatment for these health issues isn't always successful, but magnetic therapy for pets has been shown to be a safe and inexpensive method of managing these life-altering ailments.

The principle behind magnetic therapy is relatively simple and scientifically sound. A magnet is able to align molecules in a uniform direction. That's the "attraction" we've all experienced when a magnet is placed over a metal object. Since animals (and people!) are made of billions of molecules, using a magnet over a specific area of the body can align the molecules, stimulating circulation and quickening healing.

Magnetic therapy for pets is especially successful because dogs and cats have a much faster circulation than humans and therefore the magnetic fields are more easily absorbed into the body. Thousands of pet owners have tried this treatment and most report a positive change in their pets in less than a week.

This type of therapy can also be used in conjunction with traditional treatments or it can be used alone. Research has shown that magnet therapy is most beneficial with muscles and skeletal issues, like arthritis in the joints of elbows and knees. Hip dysplasia has also improved with the use of magnets. Since the magnets are believed to speed up the healing process, they are put to use to help fractures heal more quickly. Magnet therapy may also relieve the pain of organ disorders, decrease the debilitating effects of epilepsy, and treat sprains and strains.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of magnetic therapy is devising a way for the animals to stay in contact with the magnets. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a magnetic bed. Many pet owners have reported that their arthritic dog or cat has improved dramatically by sleeping on this type of bed. Many pets seem to instinctively seek the treatment offered by the magnetic bed, and will lie on it frequently throughout the day.

Larger dogs or horses may benefit from a magnetic blanket wrapped around them. For use on a particular joint or muscle, smaller magnetic strips can be applied by wrapping gauze around them.

A magnetic collar is an excellent idea since the properties of the magnet are more readily absorbed though the pet's carotid artery. Since animals have a quick circulation, this allows the magnetic field to travel through the body, increasing blood flow and bringing a level of healing while reducing inflammation.

The cost of magnetic therapy is reasonable. The number of magnets and their strength would need to be determined by the size of the pet and the medical condition. Of course, smaller animals would require smaller magnets but regardless of the pet's size, there needs to be a minimum strength of 800 gauss/80 m Tesla to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Magnetic therapy for pets is gaining in popularity because of the positive results associated with this treatment. There are no harmful side effects, and the science behind the application of magnets is dependable. Our pets rely on us to keep them healthy and magnetic therapy is a safe way to do just that.