Preparing Your Home For the New Arrival - The New Family Pet!

Perhaps you have finally decided to give in and get that new puppy or kitten. Your biggest concern probably has been in the house training for your new arrival. If it's a kitten you are getting that's not going to be near as difficult or as demanding as what your new puppy is going to be.

There are lots more things that go into preparing your home for the new family pet then what you may be aware. These preparations might be somewhat different for a kitten and a puppy but some things are the same.

It does not matter whether you are going to restrict the animal from specific rooms there is always the opportunity for them to get in there at some point in time. If they do manage to make it into a room that they should not be in you want to make sure that that room poses no danger to them.

Pretty well, everything that you have to do in preparing your home for a child is the same as with a new baby animal as they tend to get into many of the same things. They have no difficulty getting into cleansers, medications, and that sort of thing because they are inquisitive by nature. One of their favorite spots to hit is the local trashcans.

You want to make sure that they cannot be trapped in any small spaces like behind the washing machine for example. If you happen to be in the habit of keeping your dryer door open, you must make sure that your kitten has not decided to go in there for a nap before you toss the clothes in for drying. A danger for both puppies and kittens is keeping the toilet lid up as they tend to want to go there to get cold water and often can fall in and if they are too tiny, they are not able to get out

Of course when preparing your home you have to be careful with plug ins and wires from lamps etc. When it comes to the garage, your kitten or cat may have a tendency to want to go out in this area so make sure they do not get under the car hood to keep themselves warm. There have been many accidents that have taken place with cats especially in this particular area.

Ideally you want to keep your pet out of the kitchen when you are cooking as it is quite easy for an accident to occur if you happen to trip over the animal particularly with something hot in your hand. This accident could be dangerous to both you and your pet.

Most likely, you want to keep pets out of the children's rooms since children have a tendency to have many small items around the puppies like to chew on and can actually get it caught in their throat.

If you are a first-time pet owner, you are going to be quite overwhelmed at just what these little guys can get into. As we said the best way to stay safe for you and your pets is to make sure that preparing your home is done methodically, which is on the same scale as what you would do for your child.